FAD Deaf Club


A group of Deaf men living in the Flint area organized a social club in 1919.  Since then FAD has changed locations a few times to it's current location off Bristol Road in Flint.


The wives of the men founded the FAD Ladies Auxilary in 1935 for deaf women residing in Genesee County and the Greater Flint Area.


Today we have about 170 members and the current officers are as follows:


FAD Officers:

President: Martin Galentine

Vice President: Buddy Parks

Secretary: Nathan Barnes

Treasurer: Tom Vasas

Dues Collector: Jerry Beaver


Board of Governors:

Alan Haywood (Chair), Jason Riedel, Ron Lanning, Jr, Clay Parks, Marty Miracle, Peter Virtue (alt.)



Clay Parks & Derek Burns


Bar Committee:

Harry Lewis & Ron Lanning, Jr

FAD Ladies Auxilary

FAD Aux Officers:

President:  Jaqie Roesner

Vice President: Tammy Delikta

Secretary: Cindy Blackman

Treasurer: Andrea Riedel

Aux Board of Governors:

Peggy Gelaude (Chair), Florida Wickliff, Kathy Cogill, Megan Levinson, Laura LaBudde


Laurie Williams

Peggy Gelaude

Hallie Smith

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FAD Business Owners:

carpet cleaning